A toyraiser!

One of our generous donors decided to do a large toy collection from the mums in her local area and donated them to Let Them Play. Michaela from Plastol (A luxury paper bags company) took it upon herself to collect as many toys from local mums as possible, and having filled 7 boxes with toys, she is now encouraging others to also donate. She even wrote a blog!


If you would also like to do a toy collection, email us on [email protected]

Presenting at your local school

Would you like The "Let them Play" team to come and give a talk at your school, scout club, afterschool club or gathering? We are able to come and give short, child-friendly presentations and run an arts and crafts session on the theme of charity and giving for children aged anywhere between 4-16 years. In our previous presentations we have had activities such as charity box making, simulated toy sorting and storytelling about the toys journey from the UK to Iraq. If you are interested in having us come and talk to you, then email us on [email protected] or get in touch via the contact form on this website. All our volunteers are CRB checked and have experience working with children and young people.

Toy Drive Campaign Concludes

Our Toy Drive campaign has concluded, by sending more than 3,000 kilos of toys to Iraq! 22 drop-off points were available nationally, and over 200 children took part. Thank you to everyone who took part in this campaign, by donating toys and stationery.

Encourage your children to become charitable

Here are our tips to encourage your child to be charitable!

Even when toys have not been played with in a long time, it can sometimes be difficult for children to give up their toys. Here are our tried and tested top tips to encourage your kids to donate:

  • Introduce the topic early. Talk to them about the project, and about the idea of donating their toys to kids in need, a few days before you plan to collect them
  • Involve your children in choosing and packing the toys
  • Encourage your children’s friends or relatives to get involved too! Everything is more fun when you do it together
  • Bring your child along to one of our toy sorting sessions so that they can see what happens to the toys and how they are sorted and shipped. Your child will also receive a certificate they can put up on their wall!
  • If your child is upset about donating a particular toy, let them keep it and do not force the matter. You want to create positive associations with giving and charity.
  • Praise your child for their efforts and good work!