We regularly run special campaigns based on the needs of our orphaned children in Iraq.

In 2017 we ran a nationwide toy campaign. 22 drop-off points were available nationally, and over 200 children took part. We managed to collect more than 3000 kg that day! The toys, which included school equipment, dolls houses and scooters, have since reached their delighted new owners in Iraq!

In 2016 we ran a campaign to raise money to purchase specialised toys and equipment for orphans with special needs and learning difficulties. We worked alongside play therapists and paediatricians in the UK to select developmentally appropriate toys. We raised £2223 enabling us to send toys and equipment to over 230 children with special needs.

In 2015 we ran a campaign to raise money to purchase school kits for orphans. These were priced at £20 and included a school bag, school uniform, notebooks and stationery. We raised enough money for 817 school kits, which meant many orphaned children started their school year fully prepared and equipped to learn.