Encourage your children to become charitable

Here are our tips to encourage your child to be charitable!

Even when toys have not been played with in a long time, it can sometimes be difficult for children to give up their toys. Here are our tried and tested top tips to encourage your kids to donate:

  • Introduce the topic early. Talk to them about the project, and about the idea of donating their toys to kids in need, a few days before you plan to collect them
  • Involve your children in choosing and packing the toys
  • Encourage your children’s friends or relatives to get involved too! Everything is more fun when you do it together
  • Bring your child along to one of our toy sorting sessions so that they can see what happens to the toys and how they are sorted and shipped. Your child will also receive a certificate they can put up on their wall!
  • If your child is upset about donating a particular toy, let them keep it and do not force the matter. You want to create positive associations with giving and charity.
  • Praise your child for their efforts and good work!

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