What we do

‘Life must be lived as play’- Plato

At Let them Play, we don’t view toys as objects of momentary pleasure. We believe they are truly life-changing for the orphaned children we help. It is widely recognised that children require love, attachment and comfort for normal development. Toys can have a significant role in a child’s development, enabling them to develop their creativity and skills.

Many of the orphaned children we support have not only lost their parents but they have done so in the most traumatic of circumstances. These toys not only provide comfort and emotional support, but can also help these children to open up about, and come to terms with their ordeal.

how works


What happens to the toys you donate:

  • You and your child choose the toys you would like to donate. These can be new or used toys in excellent condition. We also accept books, stationery, and school equipment
  • Either come to our office, call us or fill in our form to arrange a toy pick up.
  • Once the toys are in the office, our volunteers sort through the toys. Any toys that are broken, damaged, dirty or inappropriate are removed. The rest of the toys are packed into sturdy boxes and labelled for shipping
  • The shipping company collects the toys and transports them to Iraq
  • When the toys arrive in Iraq they are unpacked and arranged in a special gallery resembling a toy shop, at the headquarters of our partner charity in Iraq
  • Every month each orphaned child comes into the toy gallery and can choose any toy. A child is never given a toy, they are always allowed to choose it for themselves. This ensures that each child gets a toy that they are happy with. It also helps ensure that the child does not feel disadvantaged by their circumstances or that they are now reliant on hand outs
  • Some toys are kept aside for children with particular requirements e.g. special needs or learning difficulties, and special toys are given to children to celebrate their birthdays or other significant achievements